In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, I am offering you all an early valentine, courtesy of the Autism Kitchen™ Archives!
Blueberry muffins. Who doesn’t love them? Unfortunately, most of the blueberry muffins available to us and our children are full of sugar, gluten, and neurotoxic chemicals that exacerbate autistic symptoms as well as those of ADHD, autoimmune conditions, and many other chronic illnesses affecting so many of our families today.
Enter the Autism Kitchen™! I have spent the past decade developing and refining a multitude of healing, delicious, familiar, and children-friendly recipes for my own children. Now I am thrilled to share them with you. This evening marks my first foray into cooking demos, and I hope you agree, it’s pretty fun! Not perfect (for example my mic wire seems to invade everywhere, and my daughter’s video expertise is a bit comical), but give me time, guys, because we are going to ROCK these recipes together!
Please test-drive this video, and let me know how you like it. And double-please, send me your requests for any Autism Kitchen™ recipes you may have received over the past 1-2 years in my Tuesday Tips newsletter or in other mailings from me, that you would like to see me demo.
If you have a recipe in mind, click here to send me an email right away! I’m already planning our next demo…
With much love,
P.S. Please leave a comment underneath the video so I can hear how you like your “Blueberry GIft!”