I had the honor and delight of interviewing Beth Lambert this morning. Beth is the Executive Director of Epidemic Answers, an organization that educates the public about the epidemic of chronic illnesses affecting our youth, and helps parents find solutions for healing their children. (http://www.epidemicanswers.com) She is also the author of one of the first books I read about the possibility of healing autism, A Compromised Generation (http://www.acompromisedgeneration.com/). Epidemic Answers is currently sponsoring The Documenting Hope Project, a documentary film project offering free healing support to 14 chronically ill children. (https://www.facebook.com/DocumentingHope)

As Beth and I spoke, I suddenly experienced an epiphany: We are a movement. We are families around the world who have the courage to step out and try to heal our children, in the face of a culture that says autism is chronic and untreatable—WE ARE A MOVEMENT. We have to be. As a mom in the Documenting Hope trailer put it: “We are losing a generation.”

When I started working with families last year, it was immediately clear to me that every family who is affected by autism is part of a worldwide community of victims—families who have been harmed by a global toxic assault administered via an array of environmental weaponry, including but not limited to nutrient-deficient and pesticide-ridden foods, radiation from an endless market of electronic devices, public drinking water filled with toxic elements, and medicine which suppresses symptoms of disease while exacerbating underlying root causes. What was not clear to me at that time was that those families also hold the potential to be members of a worldwide movement to turn the tide against all of these toxic environmental and lifestyle factors.

I am grateful that my son has recovered from autism, but Ben’s not enough. Ben is a symbol of hope that children with autistic symptoms can heal, but more families need to hear the concept of autism recovery through the reversal of underlying physiological imbalances.

Thank you for reading my blog, and for being part of this movement of families who are trying to help our children and heal our world. What if we really could reverse the statistics? How many happy families there would be! Let’s spread the word, today, that children all over the world are recovering from autism.