Susan shares about breaking the vicious cycle for Autism Moms.I was… Until I found my way out.

I had a great conversation with my son’s teacher this week. She knows our story, where we started and where we are now, and she celebrated me and my efforts. Our conversation made me realize something awesome that I want to share with you. So I shot a short video, just for you, and I hope you get a lot out of it. Just click here to watch.

And… I’ve included a small challenge at the end of the video, for all of us to take. I’m really excited about it! It’s like one of those dares that you only do if someone else is involved—but don’t worry, it’s easy, costs nothing, and won’t take much time. So whenever you’re reading this email—because our community now has moms from all over the world!—I hope you will watch the video and take my little challenge. You’re going to LOVE the results it brings you, I guarantee it. Then post about it on our Unlock Your Child Facebook page! Just click here.

So again:

1. Go here to watch the video.

2. Then go here to post about your challenge!

Once again, I am both honored and thrilled by the growth of our community over the past weeks. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation, your honesty, and your vulnerability. Please keep posting your comments and sharing your stories—this community is all about you!!