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Prozac ęóďčňü

In parenting a child with autism, it’s really easy to beat the sh** out of myself on a regular basis. I spent years doing that, not realizing that I was sapping my energy with negativity, and not seeing how hard I was working, how much love I was giving, and how...

Prozac ęóďčňü

I spent years of my life suffering as a result of my self-imposed Wonder Woman Syndrome: I had to be perfect at everything, especially parenting. To find out how I conquered Wonder Woman Syndrome—and how I continue to combat it at different times—check out...

Prozac ęóďčňü ęčĺâ

For families affected by autism, each year brings countless blessings, along with endless challenges. This year, despite many events that many feel call the very idea of hope into question, I personally feel that there are more reasons than ever to feel hope for our...

buy brand Prozac online

When my son was diagnosed with autism at age 5, I was in so much pain that I just disconnected from myself. I knew I had some anger, but what I didn’t realize was just how angry I was that my son had autism. Then I started hanging around with some autism moms who were...

Prozac buy australia

I do. I wish I didn’t, but I do. As an autism mom, in my own mind, I was never enough, never enough, never enough. But you know what? I judge myself a lot less than I used to.  I’m learning about acceptance, and like any other muscle, spiritual or...

buy cat Prozac

I was… Until I found my way out. I had a great conversation with my son’s teacher this week. She knows our story, where we started and where we are now, and she celebrated me and my efforts. Our conversation made me realize something awesome that I want to share...

buy dog Prozac

Yesterday morning should have been perfect. I had it all organized, down to the minute. I planned to get a walk-in blowout right after I dropped off the kids, to get myself prepped for shooting some video. It could actually work if we were on schedule. If we could...

buy Prozac in dubai

I turned 50 this week. On Tuesday, to be specific. And I had THE BEST DAY! Why? Because I decided, as the self-caring, mentally-healthy mom that it has taken me YEARS to become, to give the day to myself. But let me give you some of the back story… After my son...

buy Prozac for cats

I went three years without getting my eyes checked. Recently, I went six months without replacing a foggy left contact lens. This week, on Rosh Hashanah, I had to leave temple – dragging my family with me – to go to an eye doctor because my foggy left contact lens had...