When my book, UNLOCKED: A Family Emerging from the Shadows of Autism (Skyhorse Press 2015), was published, I toured around the United States doing public readings. One reading took place at an elegant home in Washington, D.C., where I shared an excerpt from the book that focused on how I fundamentally shifted my approach to life through a change in my mindset.

Fear was a strong presence in my life for many years. Fear held a central role in my psyche, in fact, not just with respect to parenting my child with autism, but also in regard to many other aspects of my life. Over the years of working to recover my son from autism, however, time, experience, and the support of many wise and caring persons all conspired to inspire me with a new approach.

That new approach is the focus of the excerpt I read that day in Washington, and which, as a special gift, I want to share with you today. After you watch this short (5 minutes) clip, PLEASE share your thoughts with me.

Does fear hold a central place in your life? Are you eager to experience situations from a place of courage instead? Share it with me in the Comments Section below!