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Yesterday morning should have been perfect. I had it all organized, down to the minute. I planned to get a walk-in blowout right after I dropped off the kids, to get myself prepped for shooting some video. It could actually work if we were on schedule. If we could...


I turned 50 this week. On Tuesday, to be specific. And I had THE BEST DAY! Why? Because I decided, as the self-caring, mentally-healthy mom that it has taken me YEARS to become, to give the day to myself. But let me give you some of the back story… After my son...


Moments like this make it all worthwhile. This morning at breakfast, my 11-year-old, Alina, said, “Mom, I had a bad dream. I dreamt that I failed my Taekwondo test on Wednesday. I felt terrible.” I replied, “Oh, that sounds so upsetting, sweetheart. Why don’t you talk...