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Through our years of work with Ben, we gleaned certain key points, which are summarized below. Please note that this list is not a magic bullet or a treatment roadmap, but rather a collection of internal attitudes we addressed in order to prepare ourselves to...


Two days ago, we had a birthday party for Alina, who turned five three days ago. Twelve five-year-olds gathered at a gymnastics studio near our house. At one point, my husband corralled all the mommies into the gym to jump into “the pit,” a high jump off a wooden...


On March 27, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced new statistics on autism. According to their research, autism now affects one in 68 children, and one in 42 boys. That means that vitually every grade in elementary school has at least one child with...

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I hung up the phone from a conversation with a friend and walked into the living room. I saw my infant daughter, Alina, asleep in her bassinet, and smiled. But wait a minute—where was Ben, my three-year-old ? Hadn’t he been with Alina in the living room just...

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“MOM!!!! Can you come in here right away???” I ran into the kitchen, expecting to see spilled blood or broken bones, from the tone of my daughter’s voice. Instead, I saw her crestfallen face, and at her feet, a gallon of spilled fruit salad all over...