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When my son was diagnosed with autism at age 5, I was in so much pain that I just disconnected from myself. I knew I had some anger, but what I didn’t realize was just how angry I was that my son had autism. Then I started hanging around with some autism moms who were...


Yesterday morning should have been perfect. I had it all organized, down to the minute. I planned to get a walk-in blowout right after I dropped off the kids, to get myself prepped for shooting some video. It could actually work if we were on schedule. If we could...


I turned 50 this week. On Tuesday, to be specific. And I had THE BEST DAY! Why? Because I decided, as the self-caring, mentally-healthy mom that it has taken me YEARS to become, to give the day to myself. But let me give you some of the back story… After my son...

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Moments like this make it all worthwhile. This morning at breakfast, my 11-year-old, Alina, said, “Mom, I had a bad dream. I dreamt that I failed my Taekwondo test on Wednesday. I felt terrible.” I replied, “Oh, that sounds so upsetting, sweetheart. Why don’t you talk...

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Through our years of work with Ben, we gleaned certain key points, which are summarized below. Please note that this list is not a magic bullet or a treatment roadmap, but rather a collection of internal attitudes we addressed in order to prepare ourselves to...