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Autism DOES NOT have to be forever.

Hear Susan’s story…

A Poignant and Inspiring Story of a Family Whose Child Emerges from Autism.

Let me tell you my story...


It is October 2007, and my almost-five-year-old son has just received an autism diagnosis.

I am devastated. Tortured by my fears, I lie awake nights, obsessing about my son's future, and the future of our family. I blame myself for not knowing how to help him. I judge my own child for behaviors he cannot control. Ashamed of our situation, I become isolated and lonely. Other mothers don't understand. Even my own parents don't understand. I feel overwhelmed, lost, and hopeless.

[Flash forward...]

It is October 2015. My son, now 12, is recovering from autism.

How did this happen?

Over the past eight years, I followed a unique roadmap to recovery for my child, that unlocked the door holding our family back from the life we were meant to have. Now I plan to share everything I have learned—with you.

||Susan’s workshop on Brain-Boosting, Kid-Friendly Foods was informative and interesting. From soaking grains to healthy desserts - which my kids loved, by the way - Susan offered a variety of healthy recipes for parents to try. Her lecture on lifestyle changes was also full of pearls. Susan is a veritable encyclopedia of holistic information for families!|| Sophia Senderovich, New York

||Susan gave me exactly the vitamins and minerals I needed and I got rid of my virus in one day! She is very knowledgeable, and I feel very grateful to have her as a resource.|| Etel Duarte, New York

||Susan is definitely a gift in this world and so many people can benefit from her knowledge!|| Alison Giardina, Gio's Gluten Free, New Jersey

||Susan has helped me tremendously with my gut issues. For years I was bloated, thinking that it was normal to walk around like that - imagine my surprise when Susan told me it wasn't! Since taking Susan's advice and listening to her wisdom, I haven't been bloated in over 8 months. I'd recommend her to anyone!|| Dominic Kelly, South Carolina

||Susan is smart, highly knowledgable, skilled, grounded and wise. I have multiple food allergies and a history of candida and inflammation and sought Susan's help because of her unique expertise and vast experience. Whether you are an adult looking to heal your body and gut or the parent of a child— I can't recommend Susan highly enough!|| Amy McCord, Anchorage, AK

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The First Step to Autism Recovery

If you’re reading this post, we probably have a lot in common. I might have even felt some of the feelings you are feeling right now. When my son, Ben, was five, he was diagnosed with autism. I remember the moment the doctor told us Ben was on the spectrum, because I...

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New Therapies for ASD and ADD/ADHD

One of the least known but most powerful therapies I know of is The Son-Rise Program®, part of the Autism Treatment Center of America™. The SonRise Program® is, a powerful and effective treatment for children and adults challenged by Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders,...

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