It is October 2007, and my almost-five-year-old son has just received an autism diagnosis.

I am devastated. Tortured by my fears, I lie awake nights, obsessing about my son’s future, and the future of our family. I blame myself for not knowing how to help him. I judge my own child for behaviors he cannot not control. Ashamed of our situation, I become isolated and lonely. Other mothers don’t understand. Even my own parents don’t understand. I feel overwhelmed, lost, and hopeless.

Today, 8 years later, however, my son is recovering from autism.

And so much has changed! sleep well. I no longer worry about the future. We are living a rich, full, and connected life. I feel great about myself. I am full of hope for what is yet to come: for my child, for my own life, and for my whole family.

How did this happen?

Over the past eight years, I followed a unique roadmap to recovery for my child, that unlocked the door holding our family back from the life we were meant to have. Now I plan to share everything I have learnedwith you.

Every child with autism (or ADD/ADHD, or other developmental disorder) has a unique set of underlying organic imbalances, which we determine through lab testing and clinical observations. These imbalances manifest as problematic behavioral and physiological symptoms. Through the use of healing nutrition, other lifestyle-based interventions, and compassionate, child-driven therapeutic programs, we can resolve many of these imbalances and unlock your child’s capacity for immense progress.

Every child has the potential to heal. I would be honored to support you, as together we design a roadmap to recovery for your child.

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What is Bioindividual Nutrition®?

For anyone who might be interested, here’s MY understanding of Bioindividual Nutrition®:

I am now trained in all of the main “healing diets” (there are about 10-15 of them, e.g., SCD, GAPS, Body Ecology, Primal/Paleo, Ketogenic, etc.) and their underlying biochemistry. Based on labs and clinical symptoms, in BIN you cull out the applicable principles from these main diets and develop a personalized nutritional approach for each client. Because everyone’s underlying conditions are unique, you need to be aware of many factors, e.g., sensitivities to oxalates, salicylates/phenols, amines, etc. It’s not as simple as, “If you have yeast, do this diet.”

Bioindividual Nutrition® is a personalized, supported, low and slow approach to healing your insides—so that your life OUTSIDE can blossom! For more information, visit Bioindividual Nutrition’s website.