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The Ultimate Course in Self-Healing for Autism Moms! Join Susan for five weeks of training and individualizedlive coaching. In Susan’s Autism Mom’s Self-Care System™, you will:

  • Connect with other mothers who understand you, support you, and will be there to cheer you on.
  • Rediscover who you are, while learning tools to create a life of joy and connection—in your heart, body, and spirit.
  • Rediscover the joy of living while walking through the experience of parenting a child on the Autism Spectrum.

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Read what other moms are saying about Susan’s life-changing Autism Mom’s Self-Care Workshop™!

During the Workshop, I felt a little tiny spark of ‘I matter!’ I could cry just thinking about it. I get caught up in ‘I have to do this, I have to do that…’ and I lose myself. Being with Susan gave me this little spark of ‘I can think differently. I can take care of myself!’ The exercises also made me ask myself, ‘What do I want? And what are the obstacles?’ Susan leads with such brilliance. She got me thinking, and then got me to believe that I could do it. I felt empowered, with a feeling of ‘I matter.’ I also realized I’m not alone, that I’m part of a group of moms who are all dealing with similar things. This group understands what I’m feeling. Because to be honest, not all moms go through what you do as a mother when your child has issues or a diagnosis. Susan is all-embracing and understanding, and she has all the experience in the world—she’s phenomenally knowledgeable. We go to the ends of the earth to support our children, don’t we? How brilliant that Susan shows us how turn it around and look at what we can do to help ourselves, to feel stronger and be so much happier. Sally Wagter, London, UK

Going into the Workshop, I really needed help with setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ to certain things so I could take care of myself better. That’s an area where I need to grow because the stronger I am, the clearer I am, the more rested and nourished I am—the more I can help my kids. Through Susan’s coaching during the Workshop, I reached my goals, and today I am saying ‘no’ to more things that are encroaching on my self-care. And it’s extending into how I take care of my kids! For example, I’m setting boundaries now on things like their diet. Before the Workshop, I was letting a lot of things slide. Erin Acevedo, Ipswich, MA

The Body Garden Exercise showed me how dry my perception of my body-life sometimes is. We Autism Moms usually bring ourselves to the point where we exhaust our bodies and minds until we get tired and weak. But I learned in Susan’s workshop that it does not have to go this way. My body, mind, and soul are also important, and the more I give to myself, the more my kids will also benefit. Thank you, Susan! Nat Garbinada, Zagreb, Croatia

Airing on January 11, 2017, Kathy Smith, Fitness Icon, interviews Susan on her experience with autism, family dynamics, and self-care for autism moms.


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A Poignant and Inspiring Story of a Family Whose Child Emerges from Autism.

Let me tell you my story...


It is October 2007, and my almost-five-year-old son has just received an autism diagnosis.

I am devastated. Tortured by my fears, I lie awake nights, obsessing about my son's future, and the future of our family. I blame myself for not knowing how to help him. I judge my own child for behaviors he cannot control. Ashamed of our situation, I become isolated and lonely. Other mothers don't understand. Even my own parents don't understand. I feel overwhelmed, lost, and hopeless.

[Flash forward...]  

It is October 2015. My son, now 12, is recovering from autism.

How did this happen?

Over the past eight years, I followed a unique roadmap to recovery for my child, that unlocked the door holding our family back from the life we were meant to have. Now I plan to share everything I have learned—with you.

||Susan’s workshop on Brain-Boosting, Kid-Friendly Foods was informative and interesting. From soaking grains to healthy desserts - which my kids loved, by the way - Susan offered a variety of healthy recipes for parents to try. Her lecture on lifestyle changes was also full of pearls. Susan is a veritable encyclopedia of holistic information for families!|| Sophia Senderovich, New York

||Susan gave me exactly the vitamins and minerals I needed and I got rid of my virus in one day! She is very knowledgeable, and I feel very grateful to have her as a resource.|| Etel Duarte, New York

||Susan is definitely a gift in this world and so many people can benefit from her knowledge!|| Alison Giardina, Gio's Gluten Free, New Jersey

||Susan has helped me tremendously with my gut issues. For years I was bloated, thinking that it was normal to walk around like that - imagine my surprise when Susan told me it wasn't! Since taking Susan's advice and listening to her wisdom, I haven't been bloated in over 8 months. I'd recommend her to anyone!|| Dominic Kelly, South Carolina

||Susan is smart, highly knowledgable, skilled, grounded and wise. I have multiple food allergies and a history of candida and inflammation and sought Susan's help because of her unique expertise and vast experience. Whether you are an adult looking to heal your body and gut or the parent of a child— I can't recommend Susan highly enough!|| Amy McCord, Anchorage, AK

Buckwheat Bread (GF/CF/SF)

DIRECTIONS: Soak 500 grams of buckwheat groats overnight in salt and water. Rinse after soaking. Place in a food processor. Add a ½ cup fermented vegetables. Note: We add fermenteds because it further alkalizes the grain after the soaking.  Pre-line a loaf pan with...

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Autism Recovery: Lessons Learned

Through our years of work with Ben, we gleaned certain key points, which are summarized below. Please note that this list is not a magic bullet or a treatment roadmap, but rather a collection of internal attitudes we addressed in order to prepare ourselves to...

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Embrace the Fall

Two days ago, we had a birthday party for Alina, who turned five three days ago. Twelve five-year-olds gathered at a gymnastics studio near our house. At one point, my husband corralled all the mommies into the gym to jump into “the pit,” a high jump off a wooden...

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Hope for Autism Treatment

On March 27, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced new statistics on autism. According to their research, autism now affects one in 68 children, and one in 42 boys. That means that vitually every grade in elementary school has at least one child with...

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He Had Autism

I hung up the phone from a conversation with a friend and walked into the living room. I saw my infant daughter, Alina, asleep in her bassinet, and smiled. But wait a minute—where was Ben, my three-year-old ? Hadn't he been with Alina in the living room just moments...

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Fruit Salad and the Power of Mom

"MOM!!!! Can you come in here right away???" I ran into the kitchen, expecting to see spilled blood or broken bones, from the tone of my daughter's voice. Instead, I saw her crestfallen face, and at her feet, a gallon of spilled fruit salad all over the kitchen floor....

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