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  • unlockyourchild

    Hi Monica! I find the most soothing for me is lavender, but Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, and On Guard by DoTerra are also wonderful. We will definitely focus on this a lot in the upcoming Autism Mom’s Self-Care Workshop, so keep your eyes open for the registration!! xoxoxo

    • Tim West

      Thank you!!!

  • Stephanie L. Jones

    Hi Susan!

    This was great! This was a great reminder that self-care can be just 15-30 minutes. I know that sometimes I think, ‘I only have an hour before therapy ends,’ and that doesn’t seem like enough time to do anything. But I can do something ‘for me’ in that hour.

    On a side-note:
    What advice would you give to spouses? Oftentimes, the most important relationship in the family structure – the marriage – is made to be last. After self-care, could you talk about this in one of your future workshops?

    Thank you!

    • unlockyourchild

      Dear Stephanie, I love this point: we don’t need tons of time to take care of ourselves – just tons of willingness to find moments for ourselves! On the note of marital challenges, I am planning a workshop on marriages facing autism. The stress is unbelievable, and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of taking it out on each other, rather than leveraging the opportunity to learn how to love each other. Many of the principles that apply to working with our children – looking for the good, taking care of ourselves so we don’t get testy with others, etc. – apply to marriage. It’s mindfulness of how to manage the stress and the hard moments that makes autism in a family actually an amazing opportunity to learn how to love each other better! xoxoxo