confusedI went three years without getting my eyes checked.

Recently, I went six months without replacing a foggy left contact lens.

This week, on Rosh Hashanah, I had to leave temple – dragging my family with me – to go to an eye doctor because my foggy left contact lens had scratched my cornea.


I have been the mother of a special needs child for almost 14 years, and I have spent the last nine of those years researching, learning, and ultimately identifying solutions for my child’s unique challenges. I also spent a good portion of those years in massive Mommy-Burnout, which really got in the way of my ability to help my son get better. Ultimately, I learned that to parent my child effectively, I had to parent myself lovingly, generously, and consistently.

But apparently, I still have room to grow.

Thankfully, I have a whole new year in which to do so. And a wonderful community of other parents trying to do the same. (That’s YOU!)

Let’s see, what’s the job description of a 21st Century special-needs mom? Self-care, organization, keeping track of records, appointments, therapies, social opportunities, and money (oh yeah, that), while remaining cheerful, understanding, productive, and available for my children. 

It’s no wonder we struggle so much. The good news is, when we do it together, at least we can laugh about it.

Here’s to stumbling forward—together!

Do you feel overwhelmed by your special needs life? Would it help you to be part of a community of special needs parents helping each other? Please leave a comment below!