Who Loves Pink Roses? I Do!

I turned 50 this week. On Tuesday, to be specific. And I had THE BEST DAY!

Why? Because I decided, as the self-caring, mentally-healthy mom that it has taken me YEARS to become, to give the day to myself.

But let me give you some of the back story…

After my son was diagnosed with autism, I spent years in a perpetual state of loneliness, isolation, and burnout—physically, mentally, and emotionally. But eventually, thank God, I discovered tools to help me feel better, keep a healthier perspective on life, and take better care of myself. And those tools are the topic of my upcoming program (!!!), that I’ll be telling you about in the next few weeks.

But back to this week…

Last Tuesday, on my birthday—my 50th birthday—I decided to do exactly what I wanted to do. And I had such a good time that I recorded a 3-minute video about it! Just for you.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you wouldn’t mind, please leave a comment! I’d LOVE to hear the ways you relate to my experience. It’s so wonderful to know I am not alone. 

To watch my birthday video, click here.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and take good care.

With much love,