For families affected by autism, each year brings countless blessings, along with endless challenges. This year, despite many events that many feel call the very idea of hope into question, I personally feel that there are more reasons than ever to feel hope for our children, for our families, and for our world.

Every day, more discoveries are being made, more awareness is spreading of healing interventions, and more wisdom is known about the connection between how we live and how our brains function. What we eat, how we handle our stress, and how we can change our genetics by changing our lifestyle choices are incredibly important issues as parents of children on the autism spectrum.

I started Unlock Your Child to support every family out there who feels alone with their struggles. I felt so lonely and on my own for so many years, and when I discovered there were so many other parents feeling that same way, my world opened up and I started feeling better.

Today I continue to find hope in the sharings of other families like yours. Your love and devotion don’t just help your own children—they inspire families all over the world, mine included, to love their own children, to continue to hope, and to try to give all children the best lives they can possibly have. 

So here’s to hope.

Here’s to community.

Here’s to YOU—a courageous, loving, and devoted parent.

Let’s keep this community—and this movement of hopeTHRIVING.

Happy Thanksgiving to us all!



P.S. For any of you who aren’t familiar with the Autism Research Institute (ARI), I encourage you to explore their website, and especially their Holiday Season Tips and Tricks for families affected by Autism.