How did my son lose his autism diagnosis? We followed a roadmap to autism recovery with three main parts: Bioindividual Nutrition®, child-driven therapies, and ongoing biomedical support through supplements and detoxification.

In my signature program, UnlockYourChild®, we will design a program perfect to support and help your child take major steps forward. I offer three programs, to support you in whatever capacity you need.

UnlockYourChild® Packages:

• A Two Hour Initial Consultation: $199

• Bi-Weekly Support and Coaching Sessions (50-minutes): $75/session
Can be structured in two bi-weekly sessions per month including weekly email support.


Bioindividual Nutrition®, Lifestyle Interventions, and Detoxification for Your Optimal Health

In today’s world, what’s more important than money? That greatest of riches—your health. In my UnlockYourHealthyLife® program, together we will develop a roadmap to holistic health that is custom-tailored to your unique body, mind, and spirit. There’s no greater wealth than your health! I offer two options:

UnlockYourHealthLife® Packages:

• A Two-Hour Healthy Life Consultation: $99

• Individual Sessions following your two-hour Healthy Life Consultation: $49/session
Includes two bi-weekly sessions per month and weekly email support.


A 4-Session Program

Most of us spend a lot of time in our home—sleeping, relaxing, working, and sharing time with friends and family. Every aspect of our home has a tremendous impact on our health: our cleaning agents, our light sources, our water, our color choices, our clothing, our linens and towels, and more—they all affect us on subtle yet critical levels.

In your UnlockYourHealthyHome® program, together we will create a plan for non-toxic living for your home, that will enhance the health and well-being of every member of your family!

UnlockYourHealthyHome® Packages: $299
Includes four weekly sessions.


A 4-Session Training in Using Holistic Remedies and Essential Oils for Your Family’s Health 

Many people are realizing today that the traditional go-to means of addressing numerous ailments are causing more problems than they are worth. Antibiotics as a catch-all medicine, Motrin and Tylenol for every ache and pain—we now know that these options have dangerous repercussions. Holistic remedies and essential oils, however, not only address uncomfortable symptoms but also heal the original cause of the symptom, leaving the body healthier than before the illness.

In my 4-session UnlockYourMedicineCabinet® training, you will learn remedies for many chronic childhood and adult health issues, as well as preventive living options to keep your family optimally healthy for years to come.

UnlockYourMedicineCabinet: $299 Includes four weekly sessions.

50-Minute Sessions: $75
Available as add-ons with any package.


Other Considerations: Pricing adjustments available for persons or families in financial need. A 10% discount applies on all programs paid in full at time of purchase.

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